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Fresh Flour Tortillas

(Soft Shell Taco)

1.  Black Bean or Pinto Bean $1.95
2.  Black Bean and Cheese $2.35
3.  Pinto Bean and Cheese $2.35
4.  Tex-Mex Chili (Ground Beef) with Lettuce, Tomato and Cheese $2.55
5.  Guacamole $2.95
6.  Grilled Chicken Fajita (with Onion and Pepper) $2.95
6a.  Grilled Chicken Fajita (with Lettuce and Tomato) $2.95
7.  Grilled Chicken Fajita and Guacamole (Onion Pepper ) $3.35
7a.  Grilled Chicken Fajita and Guacamole (w. Lettuce and Tomato ) $3.35
8.  Grilled Steak Fajita (with Onion and Pepper) $3.35
8a.  Grilled Steak Fajita (with Lettuce and Tomato) $3.35
9.  Grilled Steak Fajita and Guacamole (with Onion and Pepper) $3.95
9a.  Grilled Steak Fajita and Guacamole (with Lettuce & Tomato) $3.95
10.  Shrimp Fajita (with Onion and Pepper) $3.95
10a.  Shrimp Fajita (with Lettuce and Tomato) $3.95
11.  Special Mix Vegetable (Steam) $2.95


Hard Shell Taco
Served w. Iceberg Lettuce, Tomato & Topped w. Chedder Cheese

12.  Black Bean or Pinto Bean Taco $2.35
13.  Chili Taco (Ground Beef) $2.55
14.  Guacamole Taco $2.95
15.  Chicken Taco $2.95
16.  Steak Taco $3.95
17.  Shrimp Taco $3.95

Quesadillas Sincronizadas

(Made with 2 Soft Fresh Flour Tortillas Stuck Together with Melted Cheese)

Q1.  Jack Cheese $3.95
Q2.  Jack Cheese and Onion and Pepper $4.55
Q3.  Jack Cheese and Lettuce and Tomato $4.55
Q4.  Jack Cheese and Grilled Chicken $5.25
Q5.  Jack Cheese and Grilled Steak $5.95
Q6.  Jack Cheese and Black Bean or Pinto Bean $4.55
Q7.  Jack Cheese and Chili (Grounded Beef) $4.95
Q8.  Jack Cheese and Guacamole $5.25
Q9.  Jack Cheese and Jalapeno $4.55
Q10.  Jack Cheese and Shrimp $5.95
Q11.  Jack Cheese and Mix Vegetable $4.95


(Homemade White Corn Tortilla Chips Covered with Melted Cheese, Salsa, Jalapeños, Black Bean, Tomato and Topping of)

N1.  Nacho with Cheese $4.25
N2.  Nacho with Guacamole $6.95
N3.  Nacho with Tex Mex Chili (Ground Beef) $6.95
N4.  Nacho with Chicken $6.95
N5.  Nacho with Steak $7.95
N6.  Nacho with Shrimp $7.95

Mexican Rice

R1.  Mexican Rice $2.95
R2.  Mexican Rice and Black Bean $3.95
R3.  Mexican Rice and Pinto Bean $3.95
R4.  Mexican Rice and Chili (Grounded Beef) $4.95
R5.  Mexican Rice and Chicken $4.95
R6.  Mexican Rice and Steak $5.95
R7.  Mexican Rice and Shrimp $5.95
R8.  Mexican Rice and Vegetable $4.95

Tostada Salads

Served in Crispy Fresh Flour Tortilla with Iceberg Lettuce, Tomato, Jalapeños and Cheese

18.  Black Bean or Pinto Bean Tostada Salad $6.55
19.  Tex-Mex Chili (Ground Beef) Tostada Salad $6.75
20.  Guacamole Tostada Salad $7.95
21.  Grilled Chicken Fajita Tostada Salad
(w. Onion and Pepper)
22.  Grilled Steak Fajita Tostada Salad
(w. Onion and Pepper)
22a.  Grilled Chicken Fajita and Steak Fajita Tostada Salad
(w. Onion and Pepper)
23.  Shrimp Tostada Salad $8.95
24.  Special Mix Vegetable Tostada Salad $7.95


Served in Large Fresh Tortillas with Rice, Black Beans, Cheddar Cheese, Guacamole, Sour Cream Lettuce & Tomato

B1.  Chicken Burrito $7.25
B2.  Steak Burrito $8.55
B3.  Black Bean Burrito $6.25
B4.  Pinto Bean Burrito $6.25
B5.  Tex-Mex Chili (Ground Beef) Burrito $7.25
B6.  Burrito Special w. Steak and Chicken $8.55
B7.  Shrimp Burrito $8.55
B8.  Mix Vegetable Burrito $7.25


Wrapped in Two Soft Flour Tortillas and Topped w. Cheddar Cheese, Served w. Mexican Rice, Tomato and Black Bean

E1.  Chicken Enchilada $7.95
E2.  Steak Enchilada $8.95
E3.  Chicken and Steak Enchilada $8.95
E4.  Shrimp Enchilada $8.95
E5.  Tex - Mex Chili (Grounded Beef) Enchilada $7.95
E6.  Mix Vegetable (Steam) Enchilada $7.95

Fajitas by the Pound

12 Fresh Flour Tortillas, Grilled California Peppers and Spanish Onions, Black Beans or Pinto Bean and Salsa Ranchera with One Pound of:

25.  Grilled Chicken $22.95
26.  Grilled Steak $26.95
27.  Combination (Chicken and Steak) $26.95
28.  Shrimp $29.95

Side Orders

S1.  White Corn Tortilla Chips $1.95
S2.  Pinto Bean or Black Bean $2.55
S3.  Chili Con Carne (Ground Beef) $2.75
S4.  Guacamole (4 oz) $2.75
S5.  Jalapeño Peppers $2.55
S6.  Lettuce Tomato $2.95
S7.  Cheddar Cheese or Jack Cheese $2.95
S8.  Sour Cream (S)$0.35 (L)$2.25
S9.  Salsa Ranchera $1.95
S10.  Mix Vegetable (Steam) $3.95
S11.  Sweet Corn $2.95


Soda $1.25
Snapple $1.95
Bottle Water $1.00
Mexican Soda $1.95

Special Combination Plates

Served with 2 Fresh Tortillas, Mexican Rice, Pinto, or Black Beans, Lettuce, Tomato, Sour Cream and Free Can Soda

C1.  Grilled Chicken (Combo) $7.55
C2.  Chicken and Tex-Mex Chili (Combo) $7.95
C3.  Chicken and Guacamole (Combo) $7.95
C4.  Grilled Steak (Combo) $7.95
C5.  Steak and Tex-Mex Chili (Combo) $8.25
C6.  Steak and Guacamole (Combo) $8.25
C7.  Grilled Chicken and Steak (Combo) $8.25
C8.  Tex-Mex Chili (Grounded Beef) (Combo) $7.55
C9.  Mixed Vegetables (Combo) $7.55
C10.  Shrimp (Combo) $8.25

Party Menu

These are some examples, Call us to discuss your party needs.

Sample for 10 people
10 Grilled Chicken Taco (Soft or Hard)
10 Grilled Steak Taco (Soft or Hard)
2 Lb Rice
1 Lb Black Bean
16oz Guacamole
16oz Sour Cream
2 16oz Salsa Ranchera
Large Container Chips
Sample for 20 people
4 Lb Grilled Chicken
2 Lb Grilled Steak
2 Lb Shrimp
60 Flour Tortillas
20 Taco Shells
4 Lb Rice/2 Lb Black Bean/2 Lb Sweet Corn
2 x 16 oz Guacamole/4 x 16 oz Sour Cream
4 x 16 oz Salsa Ranchera
Large Container Chips